As a photographer and filmmaker, Kris has traveled the world shooting for companies like Nike, Apple, Google, and Cisco, as well as a number of foundations and nonprofits. From The White House to western Mongolia, from 20+ person shoots to solo trips in the arctic, he thrives in extremes and strive to create the most striking and meaningful imagery possible with those around him.

A product of the Stanford, his work is tied together by the common thread of empathy, spanning visual media & storytelling, consumer electronics product development, and international development over the past twelve years. As a co-founder of Alpine Labs, he helped develop, market, and manufacture multiple camera remote and time-lapse products that have raised over $3m through successful kickstarter campaigns.

select clients Nike / Apple / allbirds / Facebook / The New York Times / Google / Google X / IDEO / Patagonia / Light / eero / Cisco / Samsung / Calm / Athletics Canada / Onewheel / Chubbies / Kitty Hawk / Volkswagen / Stanford University

email phone (650) 619-7180