July 31st - Aug 11th

Capturing summer on Nunivak in its totality is an impossible feat to accomplish in a two week trip. A diverse array of harvests occur at specific times throughout the summer, dictated by biological clocks and seasonal weather patterns. These activities create a strong ebb and flow in the village, as many rush to take advantage of the resources all across the massive island, disappearing for days at a time. In June, when Chum salmon begin their runs upriver, residents will scatter across the island to their respective fish camps to collect and dry as much meat as possible for the winter months. In July, salmon berries will begin popping up all across the tundra, eventually becoming the sole focus and obsession for many residents as they race in earnest to collect berries by the gallons. Every other year, July also brings spawning pink salmon in overwhelming numbers. By August, crowberries begin their reign on the tundra and the much sought after coho salmon take over the waters from the now rotting and spawned-out pinks. Reindeer, seal, and duck hunting remain viable during the summer months.